Use the following tips to help protect you and your device.

Lock your device. Set up a password so that only you can unlock your device. Set your screen to automatically lock after a certain amount of time. Follow the device's user guide for enabling these features.

Beware of attachments from unknown e-mail addresses and text messages (SMS, or Short Message Service). Beware of SMishing—a text message sent to trick users into disclosing personal information.

Use SSL-enabled connections for logging on to your e-mail account.

Check with your carrier to verify that your software is up to date. If you purchased software, contact the software vendor directly for updates.

Ensure popups are blocked as they may contain concealed spyware or malware.

Verify website security. Make sure the website has the proper encryption by verifying the web address (URL) begins with https://, and look for the closed padlock symbol (usually not displayed within mobile apps).

Don't provide personal information, such as Social Security numbers. Vanguard will only ask for your user name, password, and image verification when you log on to our site.

Never share your user name and password with anyone.

Never store your unencrypted password on your wireless device.

We take these additional steps in securing your information.

Vanguard’s online fraud policy